Stair Runnern Collection Catry

Stair runners and carpets from the Catry family weaving mill in Roncq near Lille.

For over a century, this authentic weaving mill has been producing fine woollen moquette (a cut pile/velour), a weaving technique invented in Flanders in the 17th century. Extensive collections in widths ranging from 60/70 cm to a maximum of 200 cm, available in bespoke colour combinations. Catry even has an immense library of more than 16,000 designs in all styles dating back years and years. The weaving mill also has the capacity to produce your own designs. References we are obviously proud to mention include: Palais d’Elysée, l’Assemblée Nationale, all Dior stores in France, Hotel Bristol Paris, Catherine Deneuve, and Rothschild….

A beautiful product; de la haute couture!

Visit the website: and watch the VIDEO on Catry.